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New Location is Working Out Great!

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We are going into our third year in our new location, WOW! Time sure flies by!   Our new location is working out very well. Everything is more modern and efficient. Storage space is a little tight but we are making things work. We have additional storage warehouse space on the east side of town. Our workload remains steady and good. We are thankful for our many wonderful customers and our amazing employee’s! Thank you all again! -Steve Adams P.S. No worries about spring flooding!

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Top 21 Reasons Why You Should Use ADAMS & SONS

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Here is 21 top reason’s why you should use ADAMS & SONS Roofing, Siding & Insulation in Janesville,...

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Adams & Sons Has Moved!

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After 69 Years at 411 N. Main St. in Janesville we have moved to our new location of 26. S. Arch St. Janesville. Maurice C. and Virginia L. Adams started Adams Roofing Co. in 1941 on Beloit Ave in Janesville and moved to 411 Main St. in 1945. We operated from our Main St. location until February 2014, when the move to 26 S. Arch St was completed. The City of Janesville has purchased our Main St. property, with plans to raise the building and make the site into riverfront green space. The flood of 2008 convinced us that a move would be a good idea, and the city thought the same. Our new location is a little smaller, however, more efficient and up to date. We plan to offer the same services we have had since 1941! Please contact us for your Roofing, Siding, Insulation, and Rain Gutter needs.   Thanks, Steve Adams...

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Why SCWBA is a Great Choice

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Members of this “Not for Profit” organization tell why they are pleased to be part of SCWBA! Why SCWBA is a Great Choice! from SCWBA TV on Vimeo.

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